“Recently I needed ‘the dreaded’ root canal. I had another root canal done several years ago in NJ. It was in the back, lower part of my mouth. It was cumbersome to reach but it was virtually painless. Several weeks ago I was advised by my new dentist in Boone that I needed a root canal on one of the the front teeth. It needed to be bleached from the inside as well. The tooth was so yellow that gold buyers were calling me.
I was referred to Homa Azargoon of Boone Endodontics. She, as well as her staff (Beverly, Holly, and Kim), were so professional and capable that I would recommend them to anyone. The procedure was TOTALLY PAINLESS! What a team!!

Along with being highly capable they are simply wonderful people. If you do not enjoy your experience for a root canal at Boone Endodontics you must be eating ‘gorilla cookies’. Really — you’ll be so comfortably you may fall asleep.
Now people put on sunglasses when they talk to me because my ‘look like new’ tooth sparkles so brightly! WOW! “
~ Craig
“I am very impressed with Boone Endodontics. Dr. Homa makes you feel so welcome, and she and her staff explain every step so clearly. She personally called me at home after my procedure. They are very professional and caring. While I visited the Boone office, I appreciate that she also has an office in Wilkes County for those who cannot drive as far. Thank you for taking good care of me, Boone Endodontics! I highly recommend Dr. Homa and her staff!”
~ Laura
“I just wanted to send a quick not to thank Dr.Azargoon and her fine staff for the excellent treatment I received today for my root canal. We all get caught up in our day to day activities and forget to thank other people for their help. Everyone was very courteous and professional and I appreciate your help very much. Thank you again.”


“I really appreciated my experience with all of you at Boone Endodontics. The calm professional manner in which I was cared for makes a huge difference when a patient needs your services. Everyone there, Dr.Homa and all the staff made it a much better experience. It is really nice to have someone of this caliber in the Boone area, instead of having to go off the mountain. Thank you again!”

~ Gloria
“I just want to thank Dr. Azargoon and her staff for making my experience today the very best possible. The staff at Boone Endodontics were so kind, helpful and reassuring. Dr. Azargoon explained every step, she was very knowledgeable, present, and patient with me. I could tell that my treatment was important to her. I highly recommend Boone Endodontics to anyone seeking a compassionate specialist for a root canal procedure. Thanks again!!!”

“This is an exceptional office from the clean environment to the kindness of all here. I would recommend you those I love and care about. Actually to anyone I would have an opportunity to discuss with.”

“Awesome service, pain free, GREAT!!!, needle work very gentle. Recommend it to any and everyone.”

“The practice is well managed and attention to detail is obvious which fosters confidence. Great addition to Boone community. Thanks for being here.”

“Great people – sweet and caring. Thanks so much!”

“Going to the dentist for me has never been a very good experience – your office was excellent and I enjoyed you all.”

“The experience was as good as possible to take care of the tooth that needed a root canal. I would highly recommend your practice.”

“Thank you for everything! You are all a blessing to me and I cannot thank you enough for who you are and what you do.”

“Everyone was excellent – they called every day and checked on my tooth. I was impressed. Thanks!”

“Thank you so much for making my root canal treatment appointment pleasant and easy. I will recommend Dr. Homa to all my friends.”

“Thank you for all your loving care & compassion.”

“You guys are awesome!!! 🙂 I love ya’ll so much!”

“You all made this a pleasant experience for someone who doesn’t like to have much dental work done. Thank you!”

“Very caring and thorough. Very good experience. Could not have been any better. Would definitely come here again and tell my friends and family about the great experience. Thank you.”

“The best experience I have ever had. Sincerely, Jerry”

“This was the best experience I’ve had so far in getting a root canal! I was very pleased with Dr. Homa and her assistant. The environment is very friendly.”

“You all couldn’t have been more helpful & friendly! Thanks so very much.”

“Great experience for what I needed. Really appreciated the patience and explanation provided!”

“It was a great experience! Best staff I have ever had and Dr. Homa explained all of the options and made me feel at home!”

“Very polite and friendly staff. Answered all questions, very reassuring.”

“Very impressed with entire experience. Very friendly staff. Great care. Would come here again (although I hope I don’t have to!)”

“Thank you for your kindness and help. I was so impressed with your care!”

“Maria is very awesome too! Great team! Thank you!”